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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NATO and ONU: the great shame and lie called “liberation war” - The western agents and CIA agents will not be enough to control the Libyans “rebels” (or insurgents?)

Libyan war, the biggest lie on the "liberation" war,  is any day  worse: the illusion to control the  puppet govern will end soon: the Libyan people will understand shortly that no liberation are coming from the “CIA spring Islamic operation”. The libyan they will see back again the western peoples as a new colonization. 

Now a uncontrolled band of killers are going around to kill Khadafy and his collaborators out of any law and military rule. 

What already happened in Iraq and Afghanistan happen now in Libya. A large part of the population in the inner part of the country is against any military presence in Libya and they never will accept a puppet government. The future seems to  be full of clouds to for the Mediterranean sea and so fast  the enthusiasm about the “Arab spring”  will been  forgotten a new wave of rejection will come back and will spread to the north Africa.

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