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Thursday, January 17, 2013

QUELLO CHE I MEDIA CI NASCONDONO - What the media are hiding us about LIBYA, NIGERIA, NIGER

What the media are hiding us about LIBYA, NIGERIA, NIGER
Quando Saddam Hussein, il dittatore che non si faceva scrupolo di usare violenza e tortura avverti Bush e il suo Team di consulenti che quella sarebbe stata la madre di tutte le guerre la risposta fu qualcosa che il mondo udi come una risata di irrisione. Eppure I ragazzi USA sono ancora li a morire in quel quadrato di sabbia che comprende anche l' Afghanistan e il Pakistan.
Cosi quando Muhammar Gheddafi avverti le Nazioni Unite che non ci sarebbe stata pace in Libia perche non esiste una pace imposta senza una volonta comune e senza rispetto reciproco anche lui venne deriso.
Ma le cose non sono cosi come sembra, le otto bombe esplose a Bengasi ieri e i 180 morti in Niger dimostrano come ancora una volta l'intelligence occidentale, munita di tutti i suoi centri di ricerca e le sue centrali di tortura abbia ancora sbagliato.
La Nigeria e il Niger sono allagate di armi potenti moderne e pericolose provenienti dalla Libia e la pace è lontana.
Prima che il presidente Monti o Napolitano si rechino da quelle parti è opportuno che i servizi di sicurezza ci ripensino  bene.:
Nota: Non ho alcun modo di sapere se le notizie riportate siano vere oppure  possano essere inquinate o false. Vanno prese come segnale d'allarme di qualcosa da capire piu approfonditamente.

Libya The Whole Truth about Libya and the Facts of what Really took Place from the beginning of February 2011 till today!

Dear Readers, I am no journalist, have no experience in writing. I am a Libyan born and raised in the Capital of Libya and Love my country very much, I would like to take you to journey of the events of Libya and highlighting the facts from fictions. The Truth is not always comfortable! We the Libyan people may not have had the Democracy or Freedom of speech as the West wants, But we were a Proud Nation, Independent, the Jamahiriya Government succeeded to take us out of POVERTY and Colonization from the West. 
Till the day of the Invasion of the so called “humanitarian” reasons we were Educated, well taken care of, Electricity, Water, Education, Health was FREE of Charge!!!! Every family had their own home, If you did not work the government took care of you! Personally I was never taken care from the government on the contrary my Family and I had no connections to the government, we went through hard times but survived we never left our country we never took the easy way out to become ex-patriots!!!!! We The Libyans stayed worked through the problems and won with the Democracy the Jamahiriya and the Social Committees. I am sure For the Western Countries and the EX-Patriots its very difficult to understand that we where happy, content with what we had! Sure we could become like DUBAI, but has anyone seen Dubai lately? Only foreigners are there the Dubai population seems not to exist and if it exists they have no say in what their government decides! If you have visited DUBAI you will think you are in Europe or in the United States, it has lost its history! IT HAS LOST ITS SOUL!! ITS ANOTHER WESTERN COUNTRY and the DUBAI people kneel to all the things the Western Tourism  or Companies want! That my friend is NOT AN ARAB STATE! WE CAN NOT PLEASE THE WHITE PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE A JOB IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY! In the following pages with the help of other bloggers and newspapers articles I will take you to this journey so that you can see for yourself what is true and what is fiction.  I would like to THANK ALL BLOGGERS FOR THEIR RESEARCH WHICH I WILL COPY AND PASTE IN THE FOLLOWING PAGES. I will be adding on this page each host that I have taken their article and have added it to this blog! From Libya S.O.S  has given me the first page to start this long Journey! “Introduction To Democracy!” on this title I would add to the Western Democracy! here is the Link of Libya S.O.S.

BREAKING NEWS:Bomb has just been thrown on Benghazi NTC 

Grenade Thrown at Libyan NTC Office in Benghazi — Naharnet
1 day ago - Home-made bombs were regularly used by the former rebels during the conflict ... Protesters have been holding regular demonstrations in Benghazi for several...

Niger concerned about smuggling of Libyan weapons in the region,41121

December 28, 2011 (KHARTOUM) – The defense minister of Niger Mahamadou Karidjo expressed his fears regarding the smuggling of weapons from Libya to fall into the hands of wrong people.
In his meeting with Sudanese president Omer Hassan al-Bashir, the Nigerien official called for coordination between the two countries to avoid the dangers of outlaws getting hold of of these weapons.
Bashir on his end affirmed his country’s keenness on the security coordination with the Niger as well as cooperation in the fields of agricultural investment.
Since the downfall of Gaddafi’s regime in Libya last October, there were reports on some sophisticated weapons being missing from the stores of the Libyan army and their whereabouts unknown.
Western countries are fearful that Al-Qaeda linked to

Niger warns of new Tuareg rebellion
2012-01-22 22:47

Arlit - Niger's President Mahamadou Issoufou warned on Sunday of a new Tuareg rebellion in the north of the country after clashes between soldiers and rebels in neighbouring Mali.
"Recurrent rebellions and residual insecurity [as well as] terrorism eating at the Sahel region [and] arms and drug trafficking... have ended the golden age and slowed economic and social development of the region," he said as he inaugurated a peace and development forum in the town of Arlit, near the main northern desert town of Agadez.
"Insecurity... not only kills the economy of a country but the country itself," the president said ahead of the forum on Monday and Tuesday at a ceremony attended by many Tuaregs and Malian Prime Minister Cisse Mariam Kaidama Sidibe.
Last week Tuaregs attacked three cities in northeastern Mali before the army restored local control, with fighting leaving dozens of rebels and three soldiers dead.
Mali's government said the attackers were members of the Azawad National Liberation Movement (MNLA), formed in late 2011 and boosted by the return of heavily armed Tuareg rebels from Libya's conflict.
Mali and Niger experienced uprisings as the Tuareg fought for recognition of their identity and an independent state in the 1960s, 1990s and early 2000, with a resurgence between 2006 and 2009.
A more recent source of insecurity is Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), blamed for a string of hostage-takings in the region, particularly of Westerners. It has been holding four French hostages in Arlit, a major uranium mining centre, since September 2010.
Issoufou announced a new development plan for the region that would help reintegrate former Tuareg rebels into Niger society.
At the ceremony, Sidibe Cisse called for co-operation between Mali and Niger including the sharing of resources "in the face of a trans-national threat increasingly characterised by the inter-connection of many terrorist networks".
Mohamed Anako, a figurehead of the Tuareg rebels active in the 1990s, made what he called an "urgent appeal" to Malian Tuaregs seeking autonomy in their desert region "to favour dialogue over violence".
"The current situation in neighbouring Mali rightly worries us," said Anako who is now head of the Agadez regional council.

Death toll rises to 180 in Nigeria blasts

January 22 2012 at 02:52pm 

jan 22 nigeriabomb
People watch as smoke rises from the police headquarters 
after it was hit by a blast in Nigeria's northern city of Kano.

Monrovia/ Abuja - The death toll two days after oordinated bomb attacks in the northern Nigerian city of Kano had risen to 180, hospital sources said on Sunday.

Officials put the death toll at 120, but medics at one of Kano's largest hospitals said they had counted 180 bodies.
Many are charred beyond recognition, leaving relatives the difficult task of identifying bodies ahead of the swift funerals required by Muslim standards.
The attacks, which targeted at least four sites around the city -including police and immigration offices and a motor park - were launched late on Friday.
Three suicide bombers died in the blasts.
They are the worst attacks by the radical Islamist sect Boko Haram to ever hit Nigeria.
In a statement, Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau said: “Ours is a campaign against the government, the law enforcement and the Christian Association of Nigeria, because they have slaughtered us.”

Up in Arms Over Libyan Security Situation
What security?

"Niger says it hasn’t found missiles; Worries growing about Libyan arms" November 12, 2011|By Rukmini Callimachi, Associated Press

DAKAR, Senegal - Niger’s minister of defense denied yesterday that his country had seized the dangerous surface-to-air missiles left behind by Moammar Khadafy’s retreating army, which military specialists fear are being sold to terrorist organizations in the region.
“We have not found any surface-to-air missiles yet,’’ Minister of Defense Mahamadou Karidio said by telephone from Niamey, the capital of landlocked Niger.
Niger is one of the world’s poorest countries and shares a massive border with Libya. It is through this ungoverned desert border that three of Khadafy’s generals, one of his sons, and his chief of intelligence fled in convoys escorted by ethnic Tuaregs, the traditional inhabitants of the Sahara who fought alongside Khadafy.
See: Where Are Khadafy's Kids? 
They have been found. 
The stretch of desert separating Libya from Niger and Mali has also been used by arms smugglers and drug traffickers for decades. 
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