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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cetriolo, amburger. salse ma ..... eccolo

As a result of such changes, many German farmers aren’t bothering to harvest vegetable crops. One of the nation’s biggest fruit and vegetable producers‘ organizations, the Mecklenburger Ernte, has stopped vegetable harvests for the time being. The organization’s managing director, Klaus-Dieter Wilke, noted that although tests have proved that lettuce and vegetables are free of E. Coli bacteria, sales continue to fall. "In many cases, sales are off by well over half,’’ he said.
Over on the west side of Hamburg’s Isemarkt, there’s a very popular McDonald’s branch. And here, ordering a ‘’Hamburger TS‘‘—the TS stands for extra tomato and lettuce—continues to be the most normal thing in the world.
There have been no changes to any of the usual McDonald’s menus, and only a few customers leave bits of the ‘’TS’’ they’ve removed from their burgers on their tray. The fact that the bacteria, if it were present here, could travel from the tomato and lettuce to the meat or cheese, apparently doesn’t hit home.
Lines at the cash registers are long, and customers don’t seem aware that there’s anything unusual afoot. It’s a good thing local fresh produce trader Paul-Hermann Hell isn’t here to see this. 
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