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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Have Seesmic wrong marketing about

Seesmic, one of the top Twitter clients maker bought in 2010. Ping was a very useful and comfortable web utility free on the net able to spread  post to about any social network. But seems Seesmic have waited till few week ago before to issue a new version and a new sale's police. The new Ping from Seesmic is no more a web application and is less flessible then before. More the new Ping is now limited to only 3 account for the free version. I think this have made  a large number of older ping's users angry. Now the breaking news : Twitter buy Posterous. Posterous i think was less known then ping before but can do any think Ping do and many more ( as post a full page with html text and images ). At now Posterous is free and i think it will reamain free after to be bought from Twitter.
Now i think Seesmic have made a big error, if they was launching a new improved version for free before they was insured to have a large marketing channel that now is closed by the new Twitter initiative.

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