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Monday, October 22, 2012

Is internet causing us a "buffer overrun" of our memory?

I had the first symptoms in the far 1992: the long stay online especially doing deep search was getting me unable to can metabolize the information i was receiving by the NET. 
But in more recent time the quantity of information any web navigator receive is really scaring no matter seems none is afraid of it. In 10 years the speed of information is probably grown of  100  time from the old typical 56Kbit/s  modem to the today ADSL channel working at 5 or more Mbit/s. Any one of us now expanded the time to stay online I can say maybe from 2 hours in the first 1990 years to  5 hours and some time more of today.
I think to not wrong to much to say that any of us ( children  included )  is  now subjected to an accelerated rate of information bombing growing of 100 time any 10 years.
Is all that safe for our brain? We have to adopt a forgotten strategy to clean our brain as we do with the computer disk? Is that transforming our life and nature? 

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