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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Compagnia delle Opere, Bernard Scholz, Leonida Capobianco donated EUR 50,000 to the Kenya Red Cross Society

Riporto una azione che mi sembra meritoria spero che sia solo l'inizo:

Kenya and 1 other AVSI donates EUR 50,000 water project in Turkana Central
Report—Kenya Red Cross
An Italian delegation led by President of Compagnia delle Opere, Bernard Scholz, Leonida Capobianco, Country Representative AVSI Foundation accompanied by the Italian Ambassador to Kenya, H.E. Paola Imperiale today donated EUR 50,000 to the Kenya Red Cross Society though AVSI Foundation. AVSI Foundation in partnership with the Kenya Red Cross will embark on a water supply project in Nakurio, Turkana Central District, to reduce vulnerability to drought emergencies and bolster access to safe water for domestic and livestock consumption.

The project will involve construction of sand dams, water harvesting, installation of infiltration galleries and sump, solar pumping systems, setting up of elevated storage tanks. The project will also see the construction of a distribution pipeline to a primary school, dispensary and two communal water kiosks as well as two watering holes for livestock.

“We are also in discussion with Compagnia delle Opere on possibilities of collaborating in education programs in Dadaab Camp or other part of the country to educate vulnerable children” said Abbas Gullet, the Secretary of the Kenya Red Cross Society at the signing of the memorandum of understanding. Kenya Red Cross and Kenya’s Ministry of Water will also undertake sensitization campaigns, training on operation, management and organization of the water systems of the project.
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