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Sunday, January 22, 2012

In the next 48 hours President Obama could opening a full investigation into the banks' role in the housing crisis

Dear MoveOn member, Breaking: There are reports that in the next 48 hours President Obama could make a decision on whether to hold Wall Street accountable by opening a full investigation into the banks' role in the housing crisis, or give them a sweetheart deal that lets them off the hook.1 This is it! On Thursday, at events across the country, MoveOn members delivered more than 360,000 signatures to the president asking him to investigate.2 But the big banks are lobbying non-stop for a deal giving them broad immunity—so we need to collect as many signatures on our petition this weekend as possible. We need the president to hear, loud and clear, that we're counting on him to stand up to Wall Street as negotiators get close to a final deal. We'll deliver the additional petitions directly to the White House throughout the weekend. Will you step up right now and sign? Click here to sign the petition and join in the call for Wall Street accountability. If the banks get broad immunity now, without a full investigation, we'll never know the extent of the fraud that cost so many people their homes, savings, and jobs. That's why this decision by President Obama to investigate is so incredibly important. The White House is paying close attention to what progressives across the country think on this issue. A massive group of new petition signatures this weekend will let them know that we're watching them closely—and that we need a full federal investigation, not a sweetheart settlement.

Sign the Petition Full petition text: "President Obama: Hold Wall Street banks accountable by fully investigating the big bank fraud that caused the housing crisis."

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