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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Guantanamo ha fatto scuola in Siria: sottoscrivete la petizione per la fine immediata delle torture

Posted: 4 January 2012 This is hard to report, but Avaaz’s own members are being tortured by Syria’s monstrous regime. Manhal* reports that he was held in a secret prison where they pulled out his fingernails and toenails and electrocuted his body parts. "I have seen death, and I’ve been tortured nearly to death,” he's told us. But if we act now, we can make Manhal's sacrifice the last straw that turns the whole world against the Assad regime. The Arab League’s observers have failed to stop the brutal crack down, but pressure on Assad is mounting. Avaaz has just released a terrifying report revealing the scale of Syria’s detention facilities, including what they did to Manhal. If we build a massive global outcry now, we can force key governments to confront the horrors in this report and accelerate the end of Assad. Sign the petition on the right, and when we reach 500,000 signatures we’ll deliver it along with Avaaz’s report to the Arab League and the United Nations Security Council, demanding they refer Assad to the International Criminal Court to be tried for crimes against humanity. * “Manhal’s” name has been changed to protect his identity. Click here to read the new Avaaz report on the Syrian regime's torture facilities.

Revealing the Scale and Horror of Assad’s Torture Chambers:

Torture Methods Employed by the Syrian Regime
Former detainees have described numerous brutal torture methods employed by the regime.
Transcriptions of survivors’ testimonies are included according to the location where the torture
was perpetrated. Some torture methods commonly employed by Syrian regime torturers are
listed below:
● The German Chair - The detainee is tied to a metal chair with moving parts, then the
chair is folded backwards so that it places extreme pressure on the prisoner's spine and
leads to a quasi-permanent asphyxiation. This treatment may cause vertebrae to be
fractured, a paralysis of the arms for months, chronic headaches, hypertension, urinary
tract infections and stomach and intestinal problems.
● Electrocution, applied to genitals and other body parts.
● The Wheel - The detainee is put inside one or two tires of a large vehicle. The detainee’s
feet and legs are inserted first, then the detainee is folded over, with hands tied behind
the back, and the head is inserted into the tire so that the detainee is in a “U” shapem
with only the head and feet on the wheels; the detainee is beaten on his face and feet
until they bleed.
● Removal of fingernails and toenails.
● Suspension by the hands from the ceiling being made to stand or dangle for days.
● Severe beating on the head and body, or smashing detainee’s head against radiators or
● Extinguishing cigarettes on the body.
● Sleep deprivation.

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