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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chi vi controlla quando parlate con Skype o usate Twitter dagli smartphone: DART come i governi spiano.

Anche se la societa è Israeliana: 

ALLOT COMMUNICATIONS LTD (AG6:Berlin): Company Description - BusinessWeek

22 Hanagar Street Neve Neeman Industrial Zone B Hod-Hasharon, 45240 Israel Phone: 972 9 761 9200 Fax: 972 9 744 3626

I suoi server sembrano essere sotto i DNS della DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

 l'apparato militare americano per la difesa e l'attacco attraverso internet.

Seguono i dettagli su come operano per mettere sotto controllo gli utenti.

Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology - Allot Communications

The phenomenal growth of the smartphone market is reflected in equally strong growth in the number of applications that run on these devices. Users are demanding access to an ever-growing number of services including social networking, VoIP, chat, and video. DART’s strength lies in its ability to identify over 900 specific applications and protocols and to assign individual policies to each of them. For example, DART is able to identify the voice and chat features of Skype, MSN and Yahoo messengers, and SIP – enabling operators to gain deeper insights into user behavior.

Allot Communications Responds to Bloomberg Story on Unauthorized Resale of Equipment to Iran-Press Releases-Allot Communications

Allot Communications Responds to Bloomberg Story on Unauthorized Resale of Equipment to Iran Hod-Hasharon, Israel – December 23, 2011 – Allot Communications Ltd. (NASDAQ: ALLT), a leading supplier of service optimization and revenue generation solutions for fixed and mobile broadband service providers worldwide, today responded to an article which appeared in Bloomberg alleging that the company had sold equipment knowing it would be resold in Iran.  Allot’s corporate policy is to comply fully with Israeli and non-Israeli laws, including all applicable export laws and regulations.  The company’s products are not defense items and are designed and intended for the civil market. Nevertheless, the company believes it is important to note that the Bloomberg article contains a number of inaccuracies. While Allot’s equipment is best in class network optimization and monetization, it is not designed for intrusive surveillance purposes. Its intent is to optimize internet traffic for Enterprises and Internet service providers by identifying and prioritizing applications. Our equipment lacks any capability to analyze or extract knowledge on the actual content of internet traffic. Allot sells its products through a network of distributors and resellers worldwide. Each distributor is generally assigned with a specific territory and is authorized to market Allot’s products only within that territory. Beyond the contractual measures there is no electronic way for Allot to locate or disable its products after shipment, unless the end-user proactively initiates a connection. The company is investigating the claims contained in the Bloomberg article.

NetEnforcer AC-1400 - Bandwidth Management Devices

Allot NetEnforcer bandwidth management devices provide the granular visibility and policy enforcement that network operators need to optimize the delivery, performance and profitability of WAN and broadband services. NetEnforcer devices are deployed in thousands of installations the world over, where they monitor, identify, classify, prioritize, and shape, network traffic per application and per user. Through real-time monitoring, policy enforcement, and traffic steering to added-value services, these flexible devices allow enterprises and service providers to control bandwidth utilization and costs while protecting and enhancing service quality for all network users. With throughput ranging from 10Mbps to 8Gbps Allot NetEnforcer devices are designed to suit the requirements of a wide range of IP-based networks.

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