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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thailand Flood Manual in English

         Flood events that occurred many years ago, has created damage to life and Assets of individuals and agencies in the flood area. The state agency responsible for protecting and restoring the organization. Infrastructure is key. May not be able to provide immediate assistance to the public. So people should be ready to prepare the facility to check the flood. The relief will occur.                       

Preparation before the flood.

           Self-defense and the loss of flood Should be prepared in advance. If you wait for the alarm time is not enough. Know your flood. For agencies with flood management. With the following question this

            - the neighborhood in years. Unprecedented floods, the highest it.

            - we can estimate the speed of water or mud or not

            - we will get a warning before the water arrives at it.

            - we will get a warning how

            - the road is. it. In this area that is flooded or there are obstacles.

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Agencies to assist flood

Agencies to assist flood and flood a number of different information.
1. The Court Donate to Korat.
     - If you want to donate items. Go to the hall. Nakhon Ratchasima it.
     - want to donate money. Contact Tel. 044-259-996-8, 044-259-993-4. Or transferred to. Krung Thai Bank. Nakhornrachasima. Savings account "money to help flood victims. Nakhon ", account number 301-0-86149-4.

2. Center of the flooding. Province of Nakhon Ratchasima

      - can ask and get help with. Phone 044-342652-4 and 044-342570-7.

3.'s Hospital Foundation. Muang Nakhon Ratchasima

      - more details. Phone 086-251-2188 24-hour

      - the hospital is demanding bottled water and food, dry milk, including the miscellaneous cases, such as diapers for children and adults, sanitary napkins are many

      - can donate money to them. that Krung Thai Bank. Nakhornrachasima. Savings account name "Maharaj Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital", account number 301-3-40176-1.

4. Meteorological Department

       - Website

       - Training Hotline Tel. 1182.

       - Radio Meteorological Department Bangkok (AM 1287 KHz), Tel. 02-383-9003-4, 02-399-4394.

        - Nakhon Ratchasima Weather Radio (FM 94.25 MHz) phone. 044-255-252.

        - Radio Meteorological E. Phitsanulok (FM 104.25 MHz) phone. 055-284-328-9.

        - Rayong Weather Radio (FM 105.25 MHz) phone. 038-655-075, 038-655-477.

        - Radio Meteorological E. Phuket (FM 107.25 MHz) phone. 076-216-549.

        - Chumphon Weather Radio (FM 94.25 MHz) phone. 077-511-421.

5. Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation.

        - Website

        - Safety Hotline. Telephone number 1784.

         - trains continue to receive donations to assist flood focus on water, febrifuge, jacket more details. Tel. 02-241-7450-6. Map click here

6. Bangkok

         - Be able to donate items to. Help the flood victims. Floor, Bangkok City Hall 1 (Giant Swing), Hall 0.2, Bangkok (din) and 50 field offices around the city all the more. Phone 02-354-6858.

7. Red Cross.

        - For more information, visit. Tel. 02-251-7853-6, 02-251-7614-5 to 1603.

        - can contribute to that. All rights reserved. Red Cross branches. Savings account name "Red Cross helping flood victims", account number 045-3-04190-6. The fax slip with your name and address to. Red Cross Office of Finance and Chief Financial Officer. Fax number is 02-250-0120 for more details. Tel. 02-256-4066-8.

        - can not donate anything. Relief and civil protection office in Mysore Red Cross 1871 Henri Dunant Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, if it comes from the Henri Dunant, Rama 4 intersection, turn right. Henri Dunant Road on the left immediately. Since the early road. (The Rama 4) For more information, visit. 02-251-7853-6 the 1603 or 1102 if it is a holiday of 1302, 02-251-7614-5. Fax 02-252-7976.

        - can register as volunteers to help the flood victims. or for more information at Tel. 02-251-7853-6, 02-251-7614-5 1603 to help pack a generous stream. Rice, dried food, or help them unload the truck. The conditions are that To those who are healthy. And be able to lift heavy objects. (It is hard work. And requires heavy lifting) is a very good man. If we want the soldiers. The phone call will come in handy in our day packs, or as a basis.
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